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"I have been a loyal customer of Pyranha systems and products since 1984, when I purchased my first barn system. I cannot tell you how excited I was when they started selling products for the horses, not just the system. 

Being a resident of the southeast, I was in Florida until this year, where we are all too familiar with flies and mosquitos and all manner of pesky bugs. I could never do without Pyranha products or systems, having a system in every facility I owned or managed as well as using the Pyranha products on my charges.

I have found it invaluable in flying insect control and even saw a huge difference in other bugs and spider webs too. 

I have been a professional in the Equine industry from 1979 to the start of my new farm here in Georgia in November, where we do not plan on having equine residents until April, but one of my first orders, was my new 55-gal SprayMaster barn misting system. No horses here until it is installed and running! 

Cannot recommend all Pyranha products enough!"

Dia F.
Atlanta, GA

"As a 12 year veteran in the law enforcement profession, I have found it extremely difficult to keep the sweat and body odor emanating from my protective vest. Even during the winter months, I continue to sweat causing my vest to stink year-round. While speaking with a friend, she advised me of Odaway. She gave me a sample of Odaway and over the course of a few months I have noticed that the odor from my protective vest smells more pleasant. This product seems to eliminate the bad odor instead of covering it up. I was so impressed with this product that I had a co-worker try it as well. I am satisfied with this product and will try it on my ice hockey gloves next."

Robert B.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I just wanted to let you know what I fan I am of your Wipe n Spray product. I searched for years for a product to keep the gnats and flies away and still hold up in the hot summer weather. My horse is very sensitive and it works great to keep him bug free! I also love how shiny that he gets from it!

Thank you again for this awesome product. I will continue to be a loyal customer for life!"

Kelley A.
Manchester, C


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