"The consistency was great, I liked the minty smell and it wasn’t too strong.  I used a small amount to wash all of my horse. Lathered nicely, I felt that he looked very clean, after rinsing him he was nice and shiny. 
I really enjoyed this shampoo. It had a pleasant smell and left my horse clean & shiny. His mane was soft and actually easy to brush out."
Valued Customer

“I liked the Detangler product for its ease of application, smell, and performed as promised. My horses were tangle-free for a few days.”

“The Detangler worked great, smelled great and continued working for more than a week, used on my horses before a show, their hair was silky and smooth at show and their hair did not tangle up.”

“Overall, Pyranha Detangler has a very nice smell & works pretty good provided a certain shimmer to the coat, and super easy to brush out after.”

“I liked everything about the Shine Baby Shine product and feel, I gave it an honest test. I am very picky about how he looks and keep him groomed. This was great for me as I normally use a few products on him.”

This is my first year using Pyranha Wipe N Spray.

I normally use another product, but they were not providing any relief from the flies or mosquitoes this year. I had a lot of people recommend Pyranha so I decided to give it a try, and I am very happy with it!
I have been recommending it to all of my friends!
Jessica B.
Lake Benton, MN

As a 12 year veteran in the law enforcement profession, I have found it extremely difficult to keep the sweat and body odor emanating from my protective vest. Even during the winter months, I continue to sweat causing my vest to stink year-round. While speaking with a friend, she advised me of Odaway. She gave me a sample of Odaway and over the course of a few months I have noticed that the odor from my protective vest smells more pleasant. This product seems to eliminate the bad odor instead of covering it up. I was so impressed with this product that I had a co-worker try it as well. I am satisfied with this product and will try it on my ice hockey gloves next.

Robert B.
Pittsburgh, PA

I have been a loyal customer of Pyranha systems and products since 1984, when I purchased my first barn system. I cannot tell you how excited I was when they started selling products for the horses, not just the system. 

Being a resident of the south east, I was in Florida until this year, where we are all too familiar with flies and mosquitos and all manner of pesky bugs. I could never do without Pyranha products or systems, having a system in every facility I owned or managed as well as using the pyranha products on my charges.

I have found it invaluable in flying insect control and even saw a huge difference in other bugs and spider webs too. 

I have been a professional in the Equine industry from 1979 to the start of my new farm here in Georgia in November, where we do not plan on having equine residents until April, but one of my first orders, was my new 55-gal SprayMaster barn misting system. No horses here until it is installed and running! 

Cannot recommend all Pyranha products enough!

Dia F.
Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to let you know what I fan I am of your Wipe n Spray product. I searched for years for a product to keep the gnats and flies away and still hold up in the hot summer weather. My horse is very sensitive and it works great to keep him bug free! I also love how shiny that he gets from it!

Thank you again for this awesome product. I will continue to be a loyal customer for life!

Kelley A.
Manchester, CT

I would like to thank you for making a product for my horse and dog grooming. I love how the Pyrethrin Shampoo lathers up and makes the animals coats shine. Your product is the best product I have found. Thank You!

Hope W.
New Market, IA

Approximately 4-5 months ago, a co-worker provided me a bottle of Odaway. This was a result of several complaints from him and other co-workers about the odor emanating from my protective vest.

Since using Odaway, I have received no complaints from co-workers on shift or in the locker room. I have even noticed that the sweat odor and body odor in my vest has gone away. Due to the effectiveness of Odaway, I highly suggest your product. In addition, I suggest marketing your product to law enforcement and military personnel because of their high use of body armor and protective equipment.

Shawn H.
Pittsburgh, PA

I'd like to thank you for providing us a sample of your Odaway Ready-to-Use spray. Not only was it particularly effective on reducing and removing the odor on our freshly-skunked French Bulldog (who has a thick coat for a Frenchie), but it also helped remove any odors from the dog's bed, leaving the general area with a fresh, clean scent. Additionally, we've used it in and around our cat box, as well as on a musty smelling laundry hamper. Odaway Ready- to-Use spray is a particularly effective product and we plan on its continued use in our home and on our pets.

Kasha F.
Austin, TX

I am a horse owner, trainer and horseshow judge. 

For the 40+ horses stabled at Rockwood Glen Horse Farm and at Box Dot Ranch I have used Pyranha products for decades - literally. I use both the aerosol and the pump spray on my horses, and the Pyranha lasts at least twice as long as the other sprays I have used. There are yellow bottles everywhere....

In the early 70's, 1972 perhaps, my uncle, Harold Ambler put my Pyranha system in my barn in Sacramento. I believe it was one of the first 55gal systems installed here on the West Coast. I STILL have it, it works beautifully, and it has even been enlarged with additional hose and nozzles through time. Other than the normal wear and tear on machinery used 14 hours a day all year long, I have not ever had a problem with my system. When the flies seemed tougher than normal to knock down one year, Pyranha sent an additive that worked immediately.

I have been without my complete system now for 4 days because of a back order on tips, and I am even more appreciative of how fly free my barns usually are! I can't wait to get all nozzles installed, and have my reliable steadfast system back on track 100%. I cannot recommend this product or its fly systems more highly.

B.J. H-L.
Sacramento, CA

I have been a Pyranha fly spray user for over 10 years. There is no other fly spray that I will use or have in my barn. Since we have moved to FL 9 years my husband and my 3 sons compete in rodeos, team roping, and day work cattle. Our horses need to have fly control we can trust and we don't have time to reapply every time they break a sweat. In my experience, there is no other fly control that can compare!!!!

Thank you Pyranha and most important my horses thank you.

Connie E.
Ocala, FL

I have been very impressed with Pyranha bug spray while using it for the last five years. I have tried many different products of bug sprays and by far Pyranha (the oil based Wipe N Spray™ product) works better. The big difference I see in this product is that it lasts longer than most bug sprays. The bottles hold up well and I can usually refill the bottles a couple of times before they stop working. I highly recommend Pyranha as a good insect repellent to use on horses.

Megan M.
Roseville, MN

During my 23 years of Equine practice in southern California, Pyranha has been the only product that has been effective AND consistent in controlling flies which, in some years, is a year 'round job. I prefer the aerosol and find that one application will, without fail, last the entire time of any procedure or examination; even if I need 2-3 hours of control. I'm glad to have the product and recommend it all of my clients.

John A. H., DVM
Ojai, CA

I have been using Pyranha products for several summers now and it is the only fly spray that I buy. I use it because it only takes a couple of sprays to get rid of the flies so it takes me almost all summer to go through a bottle.

Katherine S.
St. Paul, MN

Our practice is devoted to equine dentistry and therefore every patient we handle is sedated. Despite sedation, it is not uncommon for the horses to continue to stamp their feet at flies. It is difficult for them to keep their balance and is a safety concern of ours. Pyranha is the product we have used that effectively deters flies from the horse and even the general working area for several hours or more. The aerosol can be carried on my vet truck without worry that it will tip over and spill. It also puts a nice shine on the horses’ coats. We have had very good client feedback on Pyranha as they are generally astounded at the efficacy of the product as compared to some of the other products on the market that may have been using. The bright labeling of the can makes it easy to spot even buried in my vetpack or in and around stable situations. Thanks for putting out such a great product!

Rochen H., DVM
Redrock Equine Dentistry
Las Vegas, NV

Like many horse owners, I have tried just about every fly spray on the market trying to find the perfect one. Pyranha is simply the best! I have been a faithful user of Pyranha products for several years and I always find myself stocking up on the gallon sizes. If you haven’t tried Pyranha products, you need to! It lasts forever, it’s affordable, and it doesn’t cause allergic reactions on my sensitive horses. Overall, this is the best fly spray I have ever used!

Molly V.
Fullerton, CA

I have used Pyranha for years on my school horses and recommend the product to my clients. Our fly season is not as long as in other states, but when they are out, they are out in force and Pyranha fly spray helps to keep my school horses focused on their job of teaching kids and adults to be good horsemen.

Christy L., Riding Instructor
Aurora, CO

I use Odaway where ever the air needs a "Fresh Air Boost". Wonderful for closets/shoes, living quarters in the horse trailer and always keep it nearby in case of an in counter with a Stink Bug! I use it in the smelly "horse" laundry and people laundry to eliminate strong perspiration odors. The fact that it works to eliminate odors and that Odaway is biodegradable/non-toxic sold me. Great Product! Thanks.

Nancy B.
Ruffsdale, Pa

One night we parked our car on the street and when I went out to move it into the garage it had been hit by an egg. I washed it off in the garage which could have been a mistake. The next morning when we went into the garage the smell of rotten egg was so strong that even with the garage door open, it was very unpleasant. My wife sprayed Odaway seven times….within an hour the garage smelled as it had before the egg entered the picture. This is a great product.

Also, I have a 1956 Ford that I show occasionally. It isn’t driven very often so every time I get in it, I spray two squirts of Odaway and within minutes the musty smell is gone. 

Jerry G.
Denton, TX

My dog had gotten skunked and someone gave me several sample bottles of the Odaway. I wanted to let you know that it worked quite well, especially on the dog bed, laundry and by removing the smell from the house just by spritzing in air. It worked on the dog as well but may have worked better if I'd had it at the time it happened. But overall, it worked very well and I have recommended it to my fellow co-workers. I would highly recommend it.
Molly F.

I had a gas station pump hose and nozzle explode and spray gasoline all over my car. After running my car through a car wash and hand scrubbing and leaving the windows and doors open for many days, there was still an extreme gasoline smell to my car. When I would walk out into my garage, the odor was unbearable. To get in my car, I had to drive with all the windows down because the odor was overwhelming.

About ten days after this happened, I was sharing my story, when it was suggested that I try the new Odaway product. I sprayed it all over my car, tires, all the window seals, side runners and anything that was rubber – NO MORE GASOLINE ODOR!!
This product is great!!!
I am so thankful for the Odaway product!
Cheryl C.
Houston, TX

I would like to thank Pyranha for the best natural fly control spray on the market! If you want a product that is CHEMICAL-FREE, water-based and safe for the environment, then Zero-Bite is what you are looking for. 

For many years, I have tried other natural fly control products but they just do not keep the flies from biting. With Zero-Bite, your horse will be protected and you do not have to soak them for the product to work well. I also use a fly sheet, mask and disposable fly traps. We are not completely fly free but with the help of Pyranha products, we are on our way to a more comfortable summer. 
Thank you Pyranha for Odaway, too! This product has the most pleasant smell and freshens EVERYTHING up. It does not mask the odors, it eliminates them! I even wash my cats bedding with Odaway. Another great product that is non-toxic and water-based.

I've been using Pyranha fly spray for three years on my horse; it makes her coat so shiny! Her coat looks fabulous in the spring, summer & fall and the flies aren't around her or bugging her after I spray her before she goes out. I feel most comfortable using only Pyranha at horse shows because it keeps the bugs away from her while waiting for our classes. I just wanted to say I love your products & keep up the good work (: 

Thank you guys so much! 
Morgan S.
East Longmeadow, Ma

I have 7 horses and I have used all of your Pyranha products on my horses for about 5 years now and just wanted to let you know how great it works! I show all summer long and it puts a great shine on their coats and keeps the bugs away.

Thank you for your great products (: 
Cindy L.
Enfield CT

My name is Amanda and I am 16 years old. I have been showing local and AQHA sanctioned shows since I was 5 years old and have been using your products since then. I started off with a Sorrel mare named Big Oaks Dixie Rose which I won numerous awards with. 

At the age of 18 we sold her to a good home and started looking for my next project. Then in 2008, I found a 4 year old Dun QH mare named Fistfull With Vixen. She was very green and malnutrition out in someone’s field. I did research on her breeding and found out she was a halter bred horse and her sire was Fistfull of Aces. So my mom bought her for me. Now the fun began, she was so skinny, sun bleached, and afraid of everything. I spent a lot of time with her to get her to where she is today. We have won numerous circuit awards in local and QH shows. With all the hard work, it finally paid off in 2013 when we placed 1st in the Youth Aged Mares, 2nd in Amateur Aged Mares, and 1st in Open Aged Mares in NJQHA.
For 2014, my goal is to qualify Honey for QH Youth World in aged halter mares. Also, I just was given a Standardbred trotter named Bad Boy Billy to start riding and showing as another project. We will show in the Standardbred classes and hope to show in the National Standardbred show.
I want to let you know that I give credit to your Pyranha products for helping me get to where I am today in my show accomplishments. Your products are hands down the best. I love the Aerosol Insecticide. I put it on right before I walk into the show ring because it works on keeping the flies away and puts a shine on her coat. I love the Pyranha spray for the times I am working her and the shampoo after I work her. I have people come up to me trying to get me to switch, both my mom and I tell them, “No, I will always use Pyranha products, it is the best on the market!”
Amanda D.
Yardley PA
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