Adeptus Nutrition®

Adeptus® Nutrition offers a complete line of supplements for horses and pets. All Adeptus® Nutrition products are formulated and manufactured using current research and science combined with practical knowledge of what your horses and pet really need. Adeptus® products are formulated to provide practical solutions to common needs with advanced scientifically based products. The Adeptus® mission is to provide quality products at reasonable prices with results. 

Adeptus® products truly offer nutrition based on science using only top quality ingredients used in nutritionally balanced formulas. Adeptus® products are formulated with the principals of sound nutrition. No fat or filler ingredients are used. All the components have scientific or clinical evidence of their nutritional benefits and in many cases, are exclusive patented proprietary ingredients or mixtures. The nutrients in Adeptus® Nutrition supplements are in a form that horses and pets can absorb into their digestive track and utilize. When the animal can absorb the ingredient it provides less waste and the animal can actually the benefit from the supplement. 

Strict quality control measures are utilized in our manufacturing facility so the products are consistently produced to quality specifications which ensure that they will always be beneficial and effective. Most feeds have inadequate levels of trace minerals and minerals. Animals are often fed less than recommended amounts of fortified ingredients and may, therefore, benefit from a concentrated supplement.

With the many choices on the shelves for you to purchase, the animal owner is left with a challenging decision of what type of supplement their animal needs. Adeptus® Nutrition simplifies supplement decisions by offering products that support common needs and problems that our animals encounter. 

Adeptus Nutrition®

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