Nutrition for Pets

Adeptus® provides “Nutrition Based on Science” in a superior line of supplements for pets. Adeptus® has a formulated line with proven, digestible ingredients which are blended using top quality control standards. 

Adeptus® products truly offer nutrition based on science using only top quality ingredients used in nutritionally balanced formulas. Adeptus® products are formulated with the principals of sound nutrition. No fat or filler ingredients are used. All the components have scientific or clinical evidence of their nutritional benefits and in many cases, are exclusive patented proprietary ingredients or mixtures. The nutrients in Adeptus® Nutrition supplements are in a form that pets can absorb into their digestive track and utilize. When the animal can absorb the ingredient it provides less waste and they can actually the benefit from the supplement. 

Adeptus® Nutrition products can be purchased on the Adeptus website.

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